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Tilda - Chic Escape - Daisyfield - Ginger

100% Cotton
44"-45" WIDTH

Our escape during lockdown, a rather chic escape I might add, was following all the charming people that have left their old lives behind to restore derelict French chateaus, on YouTube. Starting their days knee deep in mud because of a leak and ending it with a cocktail party. Spending an uncommon amount of time in their dressing gowns often paired with wellies (I suppose their dressing-rooms are just too far away) and flanked by a peacock while tackling obstacles like a bathtub falling through the floor. Trips to local flea markets (brocants), always on the lookout for vintage pottery, fabric and furniture to bring these vast buildings to life.

Chic Escape is inspired by brave people saving and bringing life and laughter back to old forgotten homes, and all our shared interests in vintage fabric, pottery and flowers. A very special thanks to the wonderful people at Chateau de la Lande for all the joy and inspiration.

With its larger patterns and bolder, deeper colors, Chic Escape differs from other Tilda collections. This is without a doubt the most labor-intensive collection in the history of Tilda Fabrics. The goal was to have the same level of detail in these larger patterns as in our small prints. Daisyfield extras in 10 colors, designed using details from Wildgarden is a useful addition to the main collection.

We have recently decided to divide the year into three collections; spring/summer and autumn/winter, with a special edition concept in between. The latter allows us to test out new ideas and different looks without too much emphasis on season. Chic Escape will be our first Special Edition collection.