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Quiltsmart - Quilt Coat Ispiration - Flying Geese Coat Pack

Downloads: FreeSpiritCoatStory Honeycomb Hex Design Sheet (full scale) | Honeycomb Hex Design Sheet (small scale) | Finishing Your Quilt

  • Pair Quiltsmart quilts with FreeSpirit Fabrics and a coat pattern (For the Coat Story Challenge, choose Tamarack Jacket by Grainline Studio) of your choice and you’ll be hearing “I love your coat!” everywhere you go!

  • SCROLL BELOW to see details of the coats pictured.

  • We’ve collected some of our favorite quilt patterns that are “coat-friendly” here, but feel free to use any Quiltsmart pattern!

  • Not a garment maker? We’re here to help. Mattie (creator of Quiltsmart, Inc) is a lifetime garment maker as well as a quilter. Both crafts cross-over easily, but many quilters fear garments, and many garment makers fear quilting.

  • Fear not! You can do it!