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We service ALL BRANDS of machines. An email will be sent when your machine is ready for pick up.

We are a JANOME and BABY LOCK dealer and we do warranty work on the machines purchased through SEW MAGARBO.  

We make every effort to return your machine in a timely manner after service. When you bring in your machine, it will go in line to be serviced. 

Sew Magarbo is proud to offer in-store service, repair, tune-ups, and adjustments on sewing machines, and sergers.

REPAIR AND SERVICE *updated: January 2019

SEWING MACHINE DROP-OFF: *Please spare at least 15 minutes for drop off.  Machines need to be tested upon checkin.
When you drop off your sewing machine, please ONLY bring the following items be left with us for service:
1. Machine
2. Power cord and foot control
3. Craft foot or presser foot that allows for straight and zigzag stitching
4. Regular stitch plate. No Straight Stitch Plates. Your machine will not be looked at until you provide the correct stitch plate.
5. Bobbin Case with a filled bobbin and thread.
5. EMBROIDERY MACHINES- We do service embroidery modules at an additional cost to the service of the machine. Please provide us with the embroidery module and anything required to connect and operate the machine. Please provide us with:
-Large Oval Hoop
-Embroidery bobbin case
-Embroidery or Free motion foot

If you bring additional accessories with you, we will give them back to you. If they are accidentally left with the machine, The Sew Magarbo studio is NOT responsible for any additional accessories you choose to leave, either intentionally or accidentally, while your machine is being serviced.

At check-in, please tell us of any problems that you may be experiencing with your machine. You are welcome to provide us with samples to show some of the issues you may be having. Your communication is critical to our being able to provide the best service when diagnosing your machine. Whether you use your machine or not, service on your machine should be performed at least once a year and more often with increased usage. Machines that are used infrequently or not at all, need to be serviced once a year.

Our Service/ Repair includes:
1. Evaluate function issues noted upon receiving machine
2. Adjust bobbin tension
3.Adjust upper tensions
4. Adjust stitch balance
5. Adjust check spring operation
6. Adjust needle bar and hook timing as needed
7.Check bobbin winder & stop
8. Check buttons, keypad and touch screens (when applicable)
9. Check and correct any abnormal noises
10. Clean interior, exterior of the machine and check for damage
11. Check running speed
12. Check thread cutter (if applicable)
13. Lubricate (if applicable)
14. Check needle threader (if applicable)
15. Check foot control (if applicable)
16. Sew test samples (embroidery if applicable)

For our embroidery machine customers, The Sew Magarbo studio is not responsible for any designs you may have saved on your sewing machine. Please make sure that you have a back up of your designs that is stored at your home. The SEW MAGARBO studio will not be responsible for backing up and/or restoring any designs that are lost during the service of your machine. We are not responsible if something is not restored properly.

a deposit of $30.00 will be required for the sewing machine repair. This amount is  noon-refundable, but can be applied towards the balance.

Service fees are:
Serger - $125.00
Computerized Sewing Machine - $149.00
non-computerized sewing machine- $99.00

*Additional charges may apply if replacement parts are needed. 
*Turn around time depends on how many machines we have in line.  We try to get them done in less than 1 week.