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Sewing Classes for Adults 2016-2017

Adult Sewing Program
*also open to teens who had already taken the 'beginner's program'

“Sew Magarbo” is proud to offer the most comprehensive and detailed program for adults to learn sewing.  The YOU CAN MAKE IT ‘Learn to Sew’ method of sewing is designed to teach you everything about sewing.
It is a seven level program which will build your skills.  You may join us at any level, depending on your present sewing experience.


Learn the latest tricks, short cuts & techniques. We made sewing fun... and easy!

We build skills in the correct progression! Teaching you: WHAT you should be taught, WHEN you should be taught and ALL you should be taught about sewing!

We leave NOTHING out, even where to put that first pin! Every detail is covered, explained and shown.
This is a hands on program, you will learn by doing, not by lecturing.  In each Level you will complete a garment. There is a pattern requirement and a fabric requirement. We use commercial patterns and again you may choose what you like.
Not only do we teach ALL sewing skills, Level 2 will start building your alteration skills. By the time you complete Level 7 of our You Can Make It 'Learn to Sew' Program, you will be considered an expert sewer.  So, we will not only teach you how to sew but make sure that You Can Make It.

To see what you learn in each level please click "you can make it" Logo above.

(payment options available)

"Finish Course"
Present-June 2017
$99 + $50 one time per school year registration fee


month - to - month
$125 + $50 one time per school year registration fee
*first and last month tuition and registration fee 
due upon enrollment