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  I have always been into arts and crafts.  My interest in sewing started when I got my first pair of Barbie and Ken Dolls.  Having limited availability for doll clothes in the Philippines, I had to rip out out my only pair of pants for Ken to use as a pattern and had to sew more pairs by hand.   From then on, my mom who was not so crazy about being crafty made sure I was capable of mending and hemming my own school uniforms by getting me a "portable" sewing gadget that looks like a stapler so she never had to hire someone else to do it.  Yes,  from that, creativity was enhanced and has embellished many well-known projects to date and has allowed me to believe that I can "DIY" everything.  I was able to make use of that creativity when I became an event planner in Washington, DC.  Today, I continue to strive for the latest sewing trends and techniques as I apply it to help the younger generation and the young at hearts learn to sew.

My husband, Macky and I have four kids that we homeschool: Nikki, Casey, Paolo, and Bella.  On my free time, I enjoy spending time, if not with my family and friends, then of course with my sewing machine (or the karaoke) :-)
My Teaching Philosophy

I've always believed that each of us was uniquely created.  We will all learn and grow in different ways.  What motivates one,  might fail with the next.  We cannot assume that one method can "fit all sizes".   This is about getting to know your students by not limiting your time spent with them with a couple of "sessions".  Each has his/her own way of learning and understanding things.  With a very small teacher:student ratio at our studio, this is made possible.  It's easier to explain how and why things are done, rather what needs to be done.  Understanding, not memorization.

teaching skills~not projects ;-)

Creativity has influenced the essence of who I am today. Growing up, my interests in art had been costly for my family living in the province of the Philippines. Supplies to fuel my hobbies were difficult to get and eventually my hobby came to a halt as I began college. Moving to America, my interest in the arts became evident again, leading me to find Sew Magarbo. I took classes to retouch on my lost art and eventually my love for sewing became my full time job. Ms. Precious helped me kindle my creativity into a job I enjoy doing, making me have the opportunity to do what I love everyday.

Miss Debbie has lived in Sterling Park since 1964 when her father retired from the USMC after serving for 23 years.  Miss Debbie attended schools in Loudoun County and is a graduate of Broad Run High School.  After graduating from Radford College, she worked for the governemnt as a finance officer for the CIA for 33 years.  She has been sewing for about 50 years and now finally able to fulfill her lifelong wish of being a teacher :-) 


Besides sewing, Ms. Debbie also loves scrapbooking and cake decorating.


Graduated from Fashion Design (2015) back in my native town Dublin, Ireland. My granny was the one who introduced me initially to knitting and then sewing. Growing up, I was the lucky one to get all the hand me downs, which of course, lead me to want to change the look of each outfit. This sparkled my passion for fashion and loved how an outfit could make you feel amazing and confident. I may be biased, but my favorite designers come from Ireland. I was very lucky to intern with one being Natalie B Coleman, her design aesthetics are phenomenal, and also Helen Steele, Simone Rocha, and Johanne Hynes. Besides sewing, I like to go hiking and check out the latest breweries with my husband. 

I've used my creative outlet as a way to express myself in different ways that I felt certain things can't necessarily do. Ever since I was in preschool, the concept of creating art and pursuing it as a career was always of interest to me. Growing up, I always found myself fostering creativity and harnessing skills that emphasized my artistic ability. In Middle School, my interest in fashion peaked as I received my first sewing machine. While in school, I caught myself often drawing up new fashion designs and never letting a free time go by without at least utilizing my creativity. In my last year of High School, I had the gracious title of being voted "Most Artistic" among my peers, leading me to devote my time in College pursuing a major in Fashion Design. Of course, sewing isn't the only thing I love doing. When you don't catch me at my machine, you'll probably see me crocheting, painting, drawing, or creating digital art.