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I have always been into arts and crafts. My interest in sewing started when I got my first pair of Barbie and Ken Dolls. Having limited availability for doll clothes in the Philippines, I had to rip out out my only pair of pants for Ken to use as a pattern and had to sew more pairs by hand. From then on, my mom who was not so crazy about being crafty made sure I was capable of mending and hemming my own school uniforms by getting me a "portable" sewing gadget that looks like a stapler so she never had to hire someone else to do it. Yes, from that, creativity was enhanced and has embellished many well-known projects to date and has allowed me to believe that I can "DIY" everything. I was able to make use of that creativity when I became an event planner in Washington, DC. Today, I continue to strive for the latest sewing trends and techniques as I apply it to help the younger generation and the young at hearts learn to sew. My husband, Macky and I have four kids that we homeschool: Nikki, Casey, Paolo, and Bella. On my free time, I enjoy spending time, if not with my family and friends, then of course with my sewing machine (or the karaoke) :-)

My Teaching Philosophy: I've always believed that each of us was uniquely created. We will all learn and grow in different ways. What motivates one, might fail with the next. We cannot assume that one method can "fit all sizes". This is about getting to know your students by not limiting your time spent with them with a couple of sessions". Each has his/her own way of learning and understanding things. With a very small teacher / student ratio at our studio, this is made possible. It's easier to explain how and why things are done, rather what needs to be one. Understanding, not memorization. Teaching skills, not projects!

~ Precious H. Lopez